Waking up next to you


Woke up next to E this morning. It’s been three weeks of living together, but I still could not get over the fact that I am granted the privilege of seeing her first in the morning.

Unsurprisingly, it’s enough to keep me going for the rest of the day.


Dear E,

Remember that long email I sent to you? The one I chose to write instead of finishing my paper for Peace Education? It’s funny because I wrote that six months ago, and look at how far we’ve goneĀ from then.

Nothing has changed despite the proximity we’re currently sharing. I would talk to myself the same way over and over again. I will always look at you, and feel like I could speak in fluent metaphors for the rest of my life.




Unlike all your other desires, your desire to be with her can never be satiated. You hunger for every possible moment of holding her in your arms, dancing to jazz, or listening to the mixtape you made for her; watching her clean up her dog’s shit– hopefully in your own home– and wearing the laziest bun there is, and still look at her like she’s God’s greatest gift to mankind, and you look at her with so much pride because you have her– you’re granted the greatest privilege of beholding her in the morning, and sleeping next to her at night.

You hold her, and you realize you’ve never thought that it was possible to hold the universe in your arms. And you realize that life with her will become a life of realizations, and that’s fine with you. The ignorance and knowledge following it, the familiarity of everything new she shows you.

You look at her, and you feel like you can speak in fluent metaphors for the rest of your life. But you would rather sit in silence if that’s the only way to listen to her heart beating against yours.

Moving In
The first act of love in a new house
is not private. Loving each other
we are half-aware of door and mirror.
Our ecstasy includes the bedside chair,
the air from the landing.


Street-lamp and elm utter leaves on walls
as in no room ever. Theirs is the tongue
our tongues join in translating. Their message
is clear: tonight you cannot ignore
the world at the window.


So we love in the knowledge of a city
at a different angle. And sharing
our bed with furniture and tree we claim
their perspective, merging our lives here
in their established frame.


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