Why this exists

It was in one of my Literature classes that I heard my professor say that “Writing is a solitary activity.” To this day, I still agree with this statement.

A few months ago, before I finally graduated from college, I was convinced that I will finally have time to go back to writing. That I will finally get to sit down and write. And, boy, was I wrong!

Two months after graduation, I got hired. Sure, ever since I started working as a copywriter, I have done a lot of writing. I wrote corporate letters, captions, press release upon press release.

However, I was after poetry, and short stories. Literature. I wanted to go back to emptying myself to paper, making sense of what is and what is not through verses, the sudden jolts of inspiration.

I was after creating.

So, I guess, this is an attempt to find my rhythm. This does not have any direction– I do not have any plans for this blog. I am currently living a life bound by deadlines, time tables, instructions, and demands. The least I could do is be easy on myself. This is me rewarding myself with the time to sit alone at the end of a tiring day.

Consider this a dump of thoughts, whatever thoughts, I will be having.

I have made blogs here and there, but this time, I just felt that this is something I have to do for myself.